Artistic trends

Why does Fran├žoise de Felice use gold leaf in her works?

Art and creativity are essential for both the creator and the people who dedicate themselves to art. Artists express their thoughts through paintings and prints, and their work can be used for centuries. Over the years there have been hundreds…

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Diamond painting: the new creative medium in fashion

In the field of creative hobbies, the new diamond painting trend is growing day by day. It is a manual activity that many people love to spend time working with 3D rhinestones on a pre-glued canvas. So what is diamond…

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What is the Art Nouveau style?

Art Nouveau is a style that is mainly recognized by its curved lines. This artistic movement was born at the beginning of the twentieth century to counteract the excesses of industrialisation. This style has evolved over the last decades. Nevertheless,…

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Eco-friendly approach: when artists create with consumer objects

In everyday language, the terms we hear more and more often are : recycling, over-cyling, zero waste, recovery, etc. The health of the planet is of great concern. This also affects the field of creation. Many artists are becoming aware…

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Ephemeral works in the wild: why the Land art movement is growing?

Land art is a source of wonder for contemporary painters and architects. This artistic movement brings the artist face to face with nature and encourages him to draw inspiration from it. Pencils, paper and canvas are replaced by natural materials…

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Ceramics : is it the new challenge of street-art ?

Streets-art finds its place on a new medium which is ceramics. A material that is well known to everyone in areas that are quite different from art or street art. Street art, on the other hand, is little known to…

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