Why does Françoise de Felice use gold leaf in her works?

Art and creativity are essential for both the creator and the people who dedicate themselves to art. Artists express their thoughts through paintings and prints, and their work can be used for centuries. Over the years there have been hundreds of notable artists, Italy and France are among the countries that have featured some of the most famous artists. In this article we will discuss the life and work of the French artist Françoise de Felice. It is essential to know why Françoise de Felice uses gold leaf in her works.

Early life

Born in 1952, Felice is of Italian origin and one of the most famous French artists of the post-war period. The daughter of an Italian father and a French mother, Felice was born in the French capital, where she lived until the age of 20. Her grandmother introduced her to art and she became more inspired as she grew up. She was a student at the Sorbonne University and attended the Beaux-Arts while there. At this branch, Felice studied essential impressionism, a style that has marked her work. To find out more about this artist, see this link.

Gold leaf in the works of Françoise de Felice : for a unique style

She found a personality that helped her create a unique signature. She began to sketch the splendid Sicilian baroque and the light of the island using fluid, fine and precise lines. Françoise de Felice's artistic style was inspired by will and chance. She was gifted in transforming her artworks into an introspective story to display self-analysis.  Françoise's art style can be described as an impressionistic, melancholic and sweet story of femininity.

Gold leaf in Françoise de Felice's works : for a feminine beauty

Like holograms, our lives can be described as a poetic and subliminal labyrinth. Our lives are full of ambiguities and we are always trying to fight our own demons. In Françoise's paintings, there is nothing serene. There are so many hidden colours and streaks of colour that reveal ruptures of aborted tales and a continuity of dreams. From distinct female subjects, one can apprehend intimate echoes heard in the subconscious. Defining the central theme of the art can be seen as a multidimensional challenge. Françoise's universe is nourished by beauty. Besides the beauty of the eyes, she also feeds on the beauty of the soul. She offers us a unique approach in today's art world.

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