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Georges Mathieu : author of the Lyric Abstraction

Concerning the profile of the famous author Georges Mathieu, we can say that he was born on January 27, 1921 in Boulogne sur mer and died on June 2012. He was one of the first artists to react against the…

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Decorative art : how did it appear ?

Decorative art is simplified by the term “art deco”, it is of interest to the world of architecture, more clearly interior decoration and design. This style is characterised by certain visual cues. Its movement built up slowly, and the art…

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Why wallpaper can transform an interior ?

From the most baroque to the most romantic, as well as from the most sober to the most fanciful, wallpapers remain inexhaustible sources of atmosphere to decorate an interior. They can instantly transform a room. Wallpaper for interior decoration To…

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How to make your living room look stylish again with a high end wallpaper ?

Because of their unique textures and fashionable patterns, wallpapers have been a dazzling success in recent years. The choice of a wallpaper can be made according to the use of the room and the condition of your walls, but also…

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