Georges Mathieu : author of the Lyric Abstraction

Concerning the profile of the famous author Georges Mathieu, we can say that he was born on January 27, 1921 in Boulogne sur mer and died on June 2012. He was one of the first artists to react against the so-called "geometric abstraction". This artist is therefore the main creator of Lyrical Abstraction. The latter is defined as a new artistic and aesthetic movement, which is free of constraints. Lyrical Abstraction was created by Georges Mathieu.

 What does Lyrical Abstraction mean?

In general, almost all of Georges Mathieu's works on every tour he makes can be rented in museums and gatherings. You can prove this successfully by visiting This is because the Estades Gallery is also one of the highlights of Georges Mathieu's work and they strive to exhibit it in many places like Paris, Lyon and Baden-Baden. Certainly, there are few artists like Georges Mathieu, who founded the Abstraction Lyrique. As a result of this well-known artist's efforts, it should be noted that he was the founding president of lyrical abstraction, which is based on the protests of the classical arts.

Lyrical abstraction and the classical arts

According to a fact-finding report, Georges Mathieu was known to have worked with an exhibition organizer named Camille Bryen in 1974. In this exhibition were displayed their tachist masterpieces that convey the word "there is no mental form". On the other hand, Georges Mathieu's paintings, which he calls "Abstractions lyriques", are also related to this. All this means that the name they will bear in the future goes beyond the limits of the tradition and the legal system. As a student of philosophy, this former artist is a diamond in the lyrical art, because he has published his work through his thoughts.

The pleasure of collaborating in the field of art

The discourse of this author is difficult to understand. It is also difficult to describe the application of his painting through his ideas of the existentialist philosophers. It can be said that Georges Mathieu's work flourished despite the fact that it was full of such mysteries and depths. Thus, until 1951, Georges Mathieu frequently participated in group exhibitions. This has especially highlighted the relationship between him and the American abstract artists. In this collaboration, Georges Mathieu does not choose a class of people, even if the way this artist works appears, in other aspects, impossible to understand.

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