Which are the most famous contemporary artists ?

Lately, contemporary art has skyrocketed in the art trend, but the term therefore does not seem very clear. Works of art created decades ago can also be classified in this category. They are characterised by a wide variety of themes, scenarios and artistic styles, which can easily find their place in conventional genres. 

What is contemporary art?

Contemporary art or art of the present includes all artistic genres such as architecture, painting, sculpture, photography, video, performance and conceptual art. Most of the artists are still alive and exhibiting in museums, art halls and galleries. Contemporary art should not be confused with modern art. With modernity come the avant-garde trends from the 1870s to the 1940s. Modern is replaced by postmodern. The time frames are fluid and should not be drawn too abruptly. Contemporary art is an international art. Today, artists from all over the world exhibit in various museums, galleries and art halls. The big internationals are also attracted to the Franconian region.

The most famous contemporary artists

The most famous contemporary artists have a political or provocative style, whether aesthetic or balanced and harmonious, are often seen differently, most artists provide useful information about the thematic relevance and the scenarios created. The artworks of this era do not only fascinate art lovers, gallery owners and enthusiasts, the art of painting is also inspired again and again. Contemporary artists have made it their mission to communicate the contemporary positions of their artist groups to the outside world. At home, at the doctors' office, lawyers' offices or tax offices or anywhere in the world, they want to bring art to life and delight art lovers with modern painting. 

For modern accents in your home

The term contemporary art is basically to be equated with modern art or the avant-garde, but is often used to delimit it in terms of time. This modern art, also contemporary, is considered to be an art form created by contemporaries and perceived as important by others. The respective contemporary art contains different time periods accordingly and can, therefore, be located in the past, if a corresponding time window is associated with it. Contemporary art of the present is, therefore, now, where modern works do not necessarily have to have been created today or yesterday. Today's art, with its increasing creativity, reaches particularly unconventional design horizons. The term contemporary art, however, does not refer to a specific technique, art style or movement.

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