Decorative art : how did it appear ?

Published on : 01 November 20212 min reading time
Decorative art is simplified by the term “art deco”, it is of interest to the world of architecture, more clearly interior decoration and design. This style is characterised by certain visual cues. Its movement built up slowly, and the art flourished and shone for a time.

The origins of decorative art

Decorative art originated in France in the field of the so-called “minor” arts : furniture, glassware, goldsmiths’ and silversmiths’ work, and then spread to various countries such as Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. It is an artistic movement that appeared in 1910 and ended in 1939. During this period, this typical fashion was a reaction against its predecessor, the infamous Art Nouveau. Art Deco was born out of an ambition, an offensive desire to renounce the past and to look forward to the future in all its glory. Art deco was created in the 1910s, but its development was prevented by the First World War. During the 1920s, the style flourished, its evolution moving towards a liner or geometric style by the end of the decade. In the latter stages of the 1930s, Art Deco disappeared, but for some, the style was out of fashion after the 1929 crisis.

Characteristics of Art Deco

Like other art movements, Art Deco also has its own specific characteristics, differentiating it from others such as the 1930s style or the modern movement. Its main features are :

– The rejection of right angles : a characteristic that affects furniture in particular

– The use of various materials : no special materials are favoured in decorative art. In practice, plastic, reinforced concrete and chrome are commonly used.

– Bow window : these are windows that cut through the gloom of a façade and extend the interior surface

– The embellishment : the decorative style is very much linked to the ornamentation, whatever the decoration, interior or exterior. Thus, it is not really surprising to find fascinating motifs on the facades or balconies of Art Deco buildings

Art Deco : an iconic style

The art deco style is an easily recognisable aesthetic. It places the emphasis on correct forms, strong lines and bold materials, and creates a style that clearly stands out from the other styles of architecture and art. The movement was quick to choose new technologies, which meant that the materials used were not always traditional.

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