Diamond painting: the new creative medium in fashion

In the field of creative hobbies, the new diamond painting trend is growing day by day. It is a manual activity that many people love to spend time working with 3D rhinestones on a pre-glued canvas. So what is diamond painting or diamond embroidery?

What is diamond painting?

Also called diamond embroidery, diamond painting consists of making a relief painting manually, by making collages with tiny coloured rhinestones on a self-adhesive canvas. The support or canvas on which you are going to make the rhinestones must have a print of the pattern you are going to reproduce and the rhinestone colours in order to facilitate the application of each rhinestone. Diamond painting is a fun, popular and inexpensive activity. The designs come in many varieties and there is something for everyone. For example, you can find diamond painting as an animal, a film or cartoon character, or as a work of art.

How to make a diamond painting?

First of all, you need the necessary materials for the work and, usually, the kit for diamond embroidery is the most suitable for this. In this complete kit you will find, among other things, the 3-D rhinestones, the adhesive canvas, the suitable glue and the stylus. Of course, the rhinestones of different colours are separated in different boxes. Now that you have all the materials together, all you have to do is glue the rhinestones together and follow the instructions. In any case, it is important to be well organised, especially when handling the tiny pieces. Even though the activity is absolutely simple, it requires concentration, patience, but also attention to detail. If you are still a beginner, it is best to work on a small or medium sized canvas. But once you have mastered the sequence, you can move on to larger canvases.

An anti-stress activity

Both a creative and trendy hobby, diamond painting allows you to develop or reveal your artistic talent. You will also be able to relax for a few hours with all those little stones and rhinestones in 3D while getting rid of your stress and anxiety. As diamond embroidery requires attention and concentration, you will hardly have time to worry about anything else. Moreover, you can be proud of it as soon as you have completed a painting. After that, you will still want to move on to another one.

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