Why wallpaper can transform an interior ?

From the most baroque to the most romantic, as well as from the most sober to the most fanciful, wallpapers remain inexhaustible sources of atmosphere to decorate an interior. They can instantly transform a room.

Wallpaper for interior decoration

To give walls a new look, ATELIER MÉRIGUET-CARRÈRE wallpaper is the ideal covering to add a touch of originality to an interior. Indeed, a wide choice of patterns and reliefs is available to dress the walls and give a warm atmosphere to a room. For example, to add character to an interior, there are very graphic papers. In addition, panoramic wallpapers can be chosen with a beach, forest or jungle theme. There are also wallpapers that imitate certain textures or materials such as imitation cement tiles, wood, brick, etc. Not only do they provide a decorative touch, but they also allow you to change the perception of space and determine the volume of a room through the grain of the paper, the nuance of the colours and the depth of the shades.

Enhancing an interior

Whether it's stripes, Swedish, vintage, etc., customising your interior is entirely possible thanks to the different printed patterns available for wallpapers. Currently, the trend is to combine interior painting with wallpaper. To make the room more welcoming, it is a good idea to place a wallpaper on one wall and then paint the other three. In this case, the wallpaper is used to give an original and decorative touch to an interior. Unlike paint, with wallpaper it is possible to choose between a trompe l'oeil landscape, a specialised pattern or a defined solid colour. To make an interior a bright and comfortable space, simply play with patterns, textures and colours.

Easily change your interior design

On the one hand, the installation and removal of wallpaper in homes has become easy thanks to new materials such as textile or non-woven fabrics. These types of wallpaper can be easily removed from the while staying dry. The wallpaper comes in one piece and the material does not tear. This makes it easy to change your interior design whenever you want. The wallpaper can also be painted if you are tired of the colour you have chosen. To transform the atmosphere of the home, all that is needed is a coat of paint.

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