What is the technique used by Bernard Buffet in his paintings?

After the war, the fame of a talented artist called Bernard Buffet spread all over the world. In this case, this artist is famous for his ability to express himself through painting. On the other hand, what distinguishes his artistic work is the prominence of dark and gloomy lines, but it is also a difficult technique to master. It is known that this world-famous painter was born in Paris in 1928 and died on 4 October 1999.

Bernard Buffet's masterpiece

In general, Bernard Buffet's paintings reflect features of everyday life. They include paintings of the environment, animals, nudes, interiors, life and flowers and self-portraits. Thus, it can be said that this well-known French painter has held several exhibitions around the world. This means that Bernard Buffet is gradually making his mark in the art world, and as a result, the talent of this great artist is recognised and appreciated by big names like many other artists. You will surely be immediately convinced if you visit estades.com because with Bernard Buffet, almost all the lithographs he offers are signed by the artist.

The technique for which Bernard Buffet is renowned

In this case, the estades gallery raises the notoriety of the artist Buffet Bernard by honouring the masters of exemplary and contemporary art. The most important painting technique, which is nothing more than a simple card, stands out among the many works of expressionist artists. Against this, many techniques have been used to produce numerous works that have resulted in mixed media paintings such as sculptures and books and decorations in addition to drawings and paperwork. As a result, the estades gallery has carefully selected Bernard Buffet's great works from 2000.

The perfection of lithography

As usual, lithography is the best printing technique using limestone written in ink and pencil, but the purpose of its use is to create or even print lines. On the other hand, the artist Buffet Bernard sometimes also uses metal plates such as zinc and aluminium, but not necessarily always stone. However, this never changes the techniques they use and the quality of the works of famous artists. On the whole, the principles of this process seem to be almost identical to the requirements of all sculptural works, however, these are much easier to implement and that is why they are slightly different.

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