Ephemeral works in the wild: why the Land art movement is growing?

Land art is a source of wonder for contemporary painters and architects. This artistic movement brings the artist face to face with nature and encourages him to draw inspiration from it. Pencils, paper and canvas are replaced by natural materials such as wood, stone, water, etc. Why did this artistic style become so popular these days ?

Land art, works of art in the heart of nature

Land art is an ephemeral art form that originated in America in the mid-1950s. History attributes the creation of the first characteristic work of this style to an artist named Herbert Bayer. However, the real theorist of this discipline is Robert Smithson. Land art encourages the artist to be in contact with nature. This is why this discipline is a source of wonder for painters, sculptors, but also architects. With this artistic movement, artists create sublime works in nature : desert places, green spaces, urban areas... They use natural materials to give life to their inspiration. Land art is ephemeral. The works fade away under the effect of rain and erosion, wind, human action... Nevertheless, it is quite possible to immortalise them by taking a photo before they disappear.

Land art, when art gets rid of norms and formalities

Over time, art has become a formal discipline. Art professionals give criteria to aesthetics and the notion of beauty. They also classify works of art according to the inclinations of the artist, but also according to their pencil stroke. Like street art, land art frees art from norms and rationalisation. For the followers of this artistic trend, inspiration is divine. It is expressive and free and does not have to be imprisoned in rules and standards imposed by scholars. Unlike street art, land art is ecological. The artist is content with natural materials to create works of art. He does not use paint bombs or other products that could pollute the environment.

Land art, a place for passion and creativity

Land art promotes inspiration in every artist. The works produced are an expression of the talent and passion of each one of them. Because of the weather, they can fade away within minutes of being created. That said, land art expresses the true values of art. It does not aim for fortune or fame. It only nurtures the creativity and skills of people who have an innate or hidden talent for art. For all these reasons, land art is developing well and is spreading worldwide.

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