Painting techniques

There are several painting techniques: acrylic, aerosol, watercolor, pastel, pouring...

Paint movements

Renaissance, Gothic and Classicism are among the artistic trends in painting.


Among the famous artists-painters are Paul Rubens, Niki de Saint Phalle, Bernard Buffet...

Painting exhibitions

Art lovers should not miss the exhibitions organized in art galleries.

art galleries
The best art galleries


The best art galleries

The art gallery is a public or private place fitted out for the exhibition and the development of works of art. This establishment makes it possible to accommodate temporary or permanent exhibitions integrated into an autonomous place or an institutional structure such as a museum, like Estades Gallery. Known as a showcase for art dealers, the private art gallery sells and exhibits works of art and promotes meetings between art lovers and artists. The development of the Internet has contributed to the creation of virtual art galleries.

Paint expert

The restoration of French heritage

The restoration of heritage is one of the French know-hows. This approach is the result of the transmission of perfected gestures through generations of craftsmen. The expert workshop in decoration carries out the finishing of private palaces, luxurious apartments and high-end boutiques. Among these remarkable works is the restoration of emblematic monuments such as the Élysée Palace or the Château de Versailles. By consulting the catalogues of the decorating shop, you can access a selection of shades inspired by French art deco.

The restoration of French heritage

Paint styles

Professional painting & decorating

Improve your interior decoration by choosing Premium paint ranges. These products are suitable for both private and professional use. They are paints designed for various uses. They cover all surfaces, whether they are being renovated or newly built. These products can be used to cover facades or to decorate interiors. They are available in a wide range of finishes and aspects.

Interior painting

Interior painting

Use a depolluting paint

Exterior paint

Weather resistant paint

The airbrush

A technique of artistic precision

The airbrush works in the same way as a paint gun used by body shops. This miniature paint gun is used for precision work. In order to provide users with artistic precision, the air pulsed by the aerosol is of the liquid-air type. The recoil of the needle allows the artist using an airbrush to obtain larger droplets. The operation of the device consists of 2 elements: the compressed air and the medium.

Effect paint

Paint and coatings with decorative effects

Magnetic paint

Magnetic paint

Magnetic paint transforms covered surfaces into magnetic surfaces.

Phosphorescent paint

Photoluminescent paints capture and store energy.

Metallic paints

Metallic paint is composed of a quantity of aluminium pigments.

Conservation of paintings

To preserve a painting of Master, it is better to place it in a place with a temperature between 18 and 20°C. The most important thing is to stabilize the temperature of the room.